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Your Computer Connection  (YCC)  &

Simply Innovative Tools for E-Commerce (SITE)

- working together since 1995.


YCC purchases, installs and teaches you to use the equipment and technology you need.


SITE helps you develop your e-commerce, social media presence and further your business.


Sort of the yin/yang of how to be successful.

*Bonus: most clients become life-long friends.

You'll really enjoy our company.


Your Computer Connection was established in 1995 when Kelly Kane learned that she was one of very few people who could both use and teach technology to people who had little or no previous exposure to computers.


With a wide-range of background skills (from communications and performance to childcare and sales) here is  a unique combination of patient, knowledgeable and creative tech-savvy interesting people with the ability to communicate in a way not typical of other tech companies. Hiring like-minded colleagues, YCC has grown to support over 600 clients.


In business since 1995 - or "forever" in technology timeline.

Knowledgeable in all aspects of technology - from infrastructure and equipment to databasing and common software.  And the ability to teach it all to you...


Who else has all of that to offer?


Everyone has an idea.


Monetizing it is the key.


How? That's the question.


Who? Can you hire someone to help you?



SITE is the answer.


We've helped hundreds of customers find the right tools to create ways to monetize their ideas.


Why not your idea?


What are you waiting for?




Dealing with technology doesn't have to be a chore.

We'll make it interesting, easy to understand, and who knows?  You might even have some fun.

Technology for real people. What a concept.




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